I was referred to My-Debt Relief from some friends that found them on Facebook. I really didn’t know what to do about my debt situation, but I am very glad I ended up taking the time to read the articles and put together a plan of action. My-Debt Relief taught me how to find the best debt relief company for my situation. I have now changed my outlook on life. – John Jacobs

I just recently started to pay off my credit card debt, and literally felt like I was spinning my wheels until I found My-Debt Relief. Thank you so much for all your informative articles! You made me feel like I could do this and paying off my credit cards was no longer impossible. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain every step in detail. – Jen Rodriguez

At first, I was skeptical about free information available online, but My-Debt Relief gained my trust. Everything I read ended up being quite helpful. This is a very good website that provides a much needed service for people like me. – Kim Jones

I was always skeptical about websites like this and whether or not the information was any good. This website is very user friendly and offers professional advice. Thank you.  – Chandra L.

I decided to apply for the loan consolidation program at my local bank thanks to your information. My loan payments are now at an all time low for me. I freed up almost $600 per month. When I inittially applied for the loan consolidation, I owed almost $80,000 in credit card debt. Thank you for explaining everything to me. – Marc Daws

I get paid every Friday. Every Friday night I would sit down and pay the bills for the week. About 9 weeks ago, I began searching for help online that would help me figure out a plan to make my credit card bills more manageable. That is exactly what My-Debt Relief did for me. Not only was I able to set up a payment plan with a non profit company, but it is also paying off my debts much faster. – Cathy S.


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